A print issue!

Issue Four
32 pages w/ record jacket
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Distribution technologies largely define our notions of the mediated experience of the sonic. The buying, selling, and exchange of stereo audio in digital and analog formats prescribes what constitutes the musical experience. In concert, artists often attempt a performative presentation of their ‘recordings’ frequently amplified through stereo PAs, mirroring the mediated listening experience.

But what is absent from the left and right channels? The myriad factors that are significant contributors to musical experience which simply cannot be represented by stereo audio fade further and further from consideration and imaginability.

Our debut 12” print edition features contributions for this form of music distribution by: Ben Vida, Kamau Patton, David Grubbs, Dawn Kasper, Anna Vitale, Christine Sun Kim, Anne Callahan, Bethany Ides, Mattin, Chloë Bass, Robin Watkins, Hairbone (Raúl de Nieves, Jessie Stead, and Nathan Whipple), Title TK (Cory Arcangel, Howie Chen, and Alan Licht), Micah Silver, Chris Mann, Hong-Kai Wang, and Helen Mirra

Note: Ear Wave Event Issue Four is not a vinyl record